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Our Process


Conservative investment strategies and personalized goal setting

Initial interviews and a comprehensive questionnaire help determine the client's financial circumstances, investment objectives, risk tolerance and life goals. Together with the client, we evaluate allocation strategies to optimize goal attainment within suitable parameters of risk. We develop conservative, long-term solutions tailored to each investor's financial and personal priorities.

Portfolio Management Services

Individual attention to each client's investment portfolio

Each client receives experienced personal attention in the management of his or her wealth. Assets are invested in securities portfolios that are tailored to individual objectives. Growth expectations, income needs, risk tolerance and taxes are all significant considerations in defining one's investment priorities. By understanding personal and financial circumstances, we build securities portfolios that are responsive and consistent with each investor's unique long-term goals.

In today's world of often complicated and seemingly inexhaustible financial products, we adhere to a clear, disciplined core investment philosophy that incorporates both growth and value investing. Selecting from a universe of well-managed companies that have demonstrated consistent success in varying economic and political environments, our methodical research process uncovers undervalued opportunities among leading growth companies. 


Broad diversification and tailored asset allocation

Custom securities portfolios may be fully invested in stocks, or in stocks and bonds. Stocks are diversified among a wide array of companies and economic sectors, while bonds may include municipal, U.S. Treasury or agency, as well as high quality corporate issues. Depending on asset allocation, each security represents between 1% and 5% of the total portfolio when purchased. Cash is normally held in a money market fund as a reserve.

Broad diversification is instrumental in achieving long-term objectives while minimizing overall risk. Specific allocation depends on the client's preference for either a more conservative or more aggressive portfolio.


Comprehensive portfolio reports and ongoing client communication

Client portfolios and underlying securities are closely monitored to ensure consistency with financial news, economic trends and changes in client circumstances. Portfolio adjustments are made as needed or as warranted by market conditions.

State-of-the-art software and proprietary analytical tools facilitate daily portfolio supervision and enhance the effectiveness of independent research. 
Each client receives a monthly statement from the custodian and a more comprehensive quarterly statement from Osher Van de Voorde Investment Management. Clients also receive a quarterly newsletter from Osher Van de Voorde that provides important updates on portfolio holdings and keeps clients up-to-date on economic trends and key planning considerations.

Personal meetings are encouraged and arranged at the client's convenience. Ongoing communication is beneficial in building successful, long-term business relationships. A close relationship between advisor and client helps keep the portfolio management focus on meeting the distinct goals and objectives of each investor.