With the goal of designing a program that helps clients meet their life goals, Osher Van de Voorde Investment Management offers targeted and comprehensive financial planning services in addition to investment management. Our core competencies in financial planning include the following:

  • net worth evaluation
  • asset allocation
  • education funding
  • family wealth transfer and preservation planning
  • "stretch" IRA planning
  • charitable giving and annual gifting strategies
  • retirement income planning
  • taxation of securities and investments
  • succession planning for businesses
  • insurance review
  • debt management
  • budgeting and cash flow management
  • diversification strategies for concentrated portfolios
  • fixed income strategies
  • real estate and mortgage planning

An initial interview and data gathering questionnaire is undertaken to determine the client's financial objectives, life goals and risk tolerance. Some or all of the following topics are discussed in the interview:

  1. financial goals (establishment, timing and prioritization);
  2. analysis of financial resources and net worth (income and expenses, assets and liabilities);
  3. financial experience (personal history and past investments);
  4. existing financial plan and portfolio (review what is already in place).

The planner will review and analyze all the information and documents from the interview in light of the client's stated goals. Prior to implementation, the planner and client address the "what, when and how" of adhering to the program designed. In some cases, clients must prioritize certain objectives at the expense of others. Osher Van de Voorde Investment Management will work closely with each client to ensure that the financial planning program reflects any changes in the client's circumstances.

Financial planning services are typically included for investment management clients under the same fee schedule, so that financial planning and investment management services may be available for the same 1% annual fee.

Osher Van de Voorde Investment Management has business relationships with an extensive network of professionals. We are pleased to make referrals to clients that need the services required by an estate planning attorney, accountant or insurance agent.