Planning to achieve one’s “life goals” and for retirement can be an intimidating experience for many people.  This is especially true in a world where defined benefit plans grow more rare and Social Security income becomes more questionable, even as our life expectancy continues to expand.  The average life expectancy is now age 84 and the fastest growing segment of our population is centenarians!  The fact is that we are living longer lives and relying more heavily on our investment nest egg for income than ever before.  Expertise in income distribution and "deccumulation" strategies is paramount and a whole new skill set for building and allocating investment portfolios is required.  As financial advisors, we must at once grow portfolio assets for the long-term and also sustain consistent income to meet our client’s demanding lifestyle goals, which are often rich with activities and adventure.
In addition to income and investments, we must also consider other important planning components such as life goal prioritization, IRA estate planning, order of asset distribution, long-term care and life insurance, generational wealth transfer, proper living trust administration, taxes, gifting strategies, charitable intentions and education planning for grandchildren.  Getting ready for a new lifestyle in retirement is lots of work!      
Unfortunately, once an individual has finally decided to seek professional help, life and retirement planning may fall down a slippery slope if the process is in the hands of a salesperson bent on delivering a commissioned product.  This is perhaps the greatest pitfall for investors, especially retirees.  We have evaluated countless investment portfolios where a client’s nest egg was being eaten away by exorbitant fees or a client’s tax-deferred IRA invested in a high expense annuity with early withdrawal penalties.  In the wrong hands, the product becomes the plan and the investor-retiree a victim.        
As intimidating for retirees and as challenging for advisors this new world of life and retirement planning may be, we at Osher Van de Voorde Investment Management have developed a planning process that demystifies life goal attainment and retirement for our clients and offers them clear choices driven by desired lifestyle, not commissions.  As independent, fee-only financial advisors, we have only the incentive to help our clients accomplish their goals, not sell products.
The evaluation process for retirement planning is designed to help our clients get from where they are today to where they wish to be long-term with the least amount of risk possible.  In essence, we are building a well-constructed bridge upon which clients feel safe to navigate their retirement lifestyle.  This Bridge Evaluation process is included for all Osher Van de Voorde money management clients at no additional fee.           
Life and retirement planning requires comprehensive solutions that deliver ongoing expert advice and a planning process (not a product).  The Osher Van de Voorde Bridge Evaluation covers the following issues:

  • net worth evaluation
  • distribution strategies and income optimization
  • real returns net of fees, taxes and inflation
  • absolute, client-specific rates of return
  • strategic asset allocation
  • risk management such as long-term-care, life, disability and liability insurance
  • estate planning and generational wealth transfer
  • liabilities and debt management
  • family support and advice to include resources for aging parents, guidance for children to become financially independent and education funding for grandchildren

Osher Van de Voorde Investment Management offers an investment platform and the planning expertise designed to meet our client’s life and retirement goals.  Our solutions-based service covers all the aforementioned issues and, more importantly, provides our clients with tremendous peace of mind.  We welcome your referrals or personal inquiries to learn more about how we can be of help.