Business Mission

Solutions that lead clients to fulfillment of life goals

Osher Van de Voorde Investment Management provides tailored investment management and unbiased financial planning services to a select clientele. Our mission is to deliver unbiased financial solutions that help clients realize their lifelong aspirations.  Suggesting that money is not an end in itself, Bob has long said that "money and finance have value, but so does sleeping at night".  Osher Van de Voorde Investment Management is focused on helping clients realize their life goals and a good night's sleep by achieving their long-term financial objectives.  High-quality service, trusted investment advice and ongoing communication between client and the firm's principals are hallmarks that distinguish our firm.

Meet the Team


Focused on building long-term business relationships with each client

Clients that benefit from our expertise in investment management and financial planning include individual investors, family trusts and foundations, endowment funds, charitable remainder trusts, pension and profit sharing plans, and other retirement plans such as IRAs, Roth IRAs, Keoghs and 401(k)s.